Food menu

All-you-can-drink menu of chicken man

2 hours drink all you can from 2,980 yen per person
※ Extension also 500 yen per 30 minutes


For directions, please click the links below:


Roppongi store


Ameyoko Store


Akebonobashi Store


, soft drinks
, draft beers
, cocktails
, red wine
, white wine
, shochu
, whiskey
, gin
, lime

Food (4 items)
Random salad *
Chicken spring roll *
Avocado cheese Chicken wrap *
French fries cheese roll *
Spring roll *
Herb roast chicken and roast potato
Fried rice or one of the menu of fried noodles

※ When you have a birthday, give a surprise birthday cake to your birthday!

open bar

Lunch menu