We can deliver our original chicken to verywhere in Japan by delivery service.

1羽 ¥2,980
1whole ¥2,980

※Cost of Delivery : Included in the cost except isolated Islands.

北海道 Hokkaido ¥350
東北 Touhoku ¥100
関東・北陸・中部 Kanto・Hokuriku・Chubu ¥0
関西 Kansai ¥100
中国・四国 Chugoku・Shikoku ¥200
九州 Kyusyu ¥350
沖縄 Okinawa ¥1,100






ご注意:ホームページ上では、チキンと一緒にポテトやサラダが写真に写っていますが、お客様が実際にお受け取りになられるのはチキンのみです。ホームページ上に掲載している料金も、チキンのみのお値段となります。 商品は通常3日以内にお届けします(離島を除く)。



a. 細かく切ったチキンをパンの上に乗せます。その上にスライスしたトマトを一枚か二枚、そしてチーズを乗せます。トースターで数分焼くと、手早くランチ、または朝食の出来上がり。

b. 切ったキャベツにチキンを入れます。お好みでマヨネーズや、塩、コショウをかけると、簡単サラダの完成です。

C. 骨の利用方法。鍋に骨と1,2杯の水を入れ、生バジルなどのスパイス、プチトマト、塩、コショウを加えます。約5分火にかけると、簡単スープの完成です。


■Condition of Chicken on Arrival.
The roasted chickens are sent out chilled and will be received in chilled condition.
■Date Specification.
You can specify the date you want to receive your order.
■Method of Delivery.
Deliveries are not made the same day but through Yamato transport system.
If you want to have your chickens the same day please call Chickenman roppongi to arrange to pick it up yourself. If you live around roppongi area, we can deliver to you within an hour and half.
If we receive your order before 4pm, delivery will be made the next day for Kanto area else within three for other areas accept extended Islands.

Note: Although we have a set of chicken potatoes and salad on the homepage our customers will receive only chicken. The price in our homepage is only for chicken. Deliveries are generally within three days except extended Islands.

■How can I warm my chicken?
Generally you can warm the chicken after cutting them up in microwave.
The Best way to warm the chicken is to throw them in oven or in an oven toaster.
■What will I do with left over chicken?
a. You can throw some of the shredded chicken on bread; add one or two slice of fresh tomato and some cheese. Drop in the oven toaster for few minutes you have a quick lunch or breakfast.

b. You can throw some of the chicken in sliced cabbage; add some mayonnaise, salt and black pepper. You will have a simple salad.
C. As for the bones. Put them in a pot and add one or two cups of water, add some spices e.g. fresh basil, some cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook for about five minutes. You will have a simple soup.


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